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25 March 2012 @ 04:15 am
AU sabaody, zoro still being a pirate hunter

dream inside a dream of having lost zoro for good

late at night sanji was walking on the deck. the wbrize was shufling his blond straps of hair and shifting his vision. the dark was adding to it. he inhaled deeply, than exaled and looked at the cigared in his hand. it was glowing red. he put his arms on the railing and gazed overboard at the water that reflected as a mirror the stars above.
zoro - a hyena carring a white bloody katana and when it turns back it's with the face of a mad baboon (like those in thriller bark). sanji wakes up
some of the girls or just someone - a pure white bunny with blue/brown eyes suddenly crying and tears turning red and the eyes too
29 December 2011 @ 10:59 pm
0. Властелина на пръстените старото издание!!!!
1. Ottoman Bulgaria, bg
2. The Book Thief, bg
3. Howl's Moving Castle, bg
4. Harry Potter anything /have the 1st, through the 4th have read them/
5. Fight Club, bg
6. Interview with the vampire, bg
7. Narnia /1st and 2nd book/
8. My sister's keeper, bg
9. The girl with the dragon tattoo

The Golden Compass, bg
The Alchemist, bg
Eat, Pray, Love, bg
The Night Watch, bg1,bg2
Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake), bg
22 June 2010 @ 11:16 pm
Guys T____T I hate my fucking school and the end of the year. I hate it that I care so much and so less sometimes about stupid shits T____T

You know, when you fucking decide that you're fucking over with the fucking school thing and the fucking Hell is over it's so fucking going to fucking drag you back in and that will fucking bring you a fucking headache that fucking kill you. FUCK! And that was one fucking long sentence, fuck.

So yeah, what's the deal.. I need some help with one exercise on German language. German, anyone? It's actually pretty simple - I have to answer questions and the form the replays into some king of text. In my case just answering the questions will do the trick. After all I'm not so good with that language.

Eine Freundin sie: A friend of her:
a) über die letzte Party vorige Woche (Perfekt!). about a party last week
b) über eine bevorstehende Party. Spielen Sie einen Dialog. about a coming party. play a dialog

Party - wo? party - where?
wer - auch kommen? who came as well?
Geschenk? present?
Mit wem - hingehen? went there with who?
Was - machen (wollen)? what did you do?
Was - essen und trinken (wollen)? what was there to eat and drink?
Wie spät - zu Hause? what time did you go home?
Wer - nach Hause bringen? who brought you home?
Du - zufrieden? were you happy/satisfied?

bold - the original text
italic - my crappy translation with lots of help of dictionary

So I translated some things and if someone can take a look at them and help me correct them I'll be very grateful *bows with her head engraved in the floor*.

I went to a party with Mona.
Ich ging an eine Partei mit Mona.
Thomas and Erick also came.
Tomas und Eric auch kommen.
I bought a souvenir as a gift.
Ich kaufte ein Souvenir als Geschenk.
I went there with my cousin - Tara. She was also invited.
Ich ging es mit meiner cousine - Tara. Sie war auch eingeladen./Sie wurde ebenfalls eingeladen.
We sang a song for her/him. We danced and had a good time.
Wir singen ein Lied für ihr/ihm. Wir getanzt und hatte eine gute Zeit.
Nuts and Cola. /lmfao, idk what to write here
Erdnüsse und Coca Cola.
I went home at nine.
Ich ging nach Hause um neun Uhr.
I went home alone.
Ich ging nach Hause allein.
I was very happy with the birthday.
Ich war sehr glücklich mit dem Geburtstag.

underline - I found two translations on this and idk which is right.

So guys, please, help me out in this poor situation of mine T____T.
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